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Dress – Off-White
Boots – Fendi
Sunglasses – Céline
Bag – Gucci
Watch – IWC

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Off-white is a hot label that you should certainly look out for. The designs are mixes of high fashion pieces with a casual and cool touch. The brand somehow manages to let every piece look really special, it’s a kind of an urban style that meets high fashion. Check out the variety of styles see more…


Flower Look Knit – Heartbreaker
Skirt – Manokhi (in black here)
Heels – Christian Louboutin (in black here & here)
Sunglasses – Cèline
Bag – Saint Laurent (similar here & here)

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The flower look is a look I love to wear throughout the entire year. I think the motif is so happy and playful and it can fit any kind of style or outfit. It is used very frequently by designers all around the world – and not only for the good old hippie look. It see more…


Metallic Skirt – Max&Co (similar here & here)
Cashmere Jacket – Heartbreaker
Belt – Balmain (similar here)
Bag – MCM
Sneakers – Adidas
Sunglasses – Céline

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The metallic skirt is an it-piece in fashion that meets two great trends of the last season and of the current one. And this trend is not ending, personally I am quite sure it will last some time. The first trend is the metallic look, the color is seen a lot in accessories and clothing see more…


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Orange Turtleneck – Marc Cain
Skirt – Marc Cain (in black here, similar here, love the dress here)
Blazer – Marc Cain
Bag – Marc Cain
Heels – Christian Louboutin
Sunglasses – Céline

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You will either love the color orange, or it wont be yours at all – there is nothing in between. The bright and cheerful tone is trending right now and you will see it a lot this coming season. It spreads so much warmth and happiness and it catches everyone’s eyes see more…


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Blazer Dress – Balmain
Boots – Fendi
Sunglasses – Céline
Bag – Gucci (similar here)
Lipgloss – Dior

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This is the season when everything is all about red – you can see the color everywhere – in Christmas decorations, in shop windows and of course in the fashion world. Red is such a strong and beautiful color and for me it

see more…