Chanel Rain Boots – Chanel (similar here)
Blazer – Steffen Schraut
Sweater – H&M
Pants – Veronica Beard
Suspenders – Chanel
Bag – Chanel
Cap – Chanel
Umbrella – Mirviory


The Chanel rain boots are a must have for every Chanel lover – and these stylish boots are not strictly meant to be worn in the rain. You could actually call them elegant, in this smooth black rubber and the stylish white rims on the top and with the white tips – and of course with the logo written around the see more…


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Red Animal Print Dress – Rixo
Coat – Ganni
Boots – Isabel Marant
Bag – Chanel
Sunglasses – Céline
Belt – H&M


Red Animal print is the new interpretation of the amazing Animal print in general. The pattern had and has a huge comeback and it is styled in all kind of combinations all around the place. Wherever you look, on fashion stages, on the street, in magazines – everyone wants to hit off this cool style right now. see more…


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Tweed Beret – Chanel (in black here)
Blazer – Steffen Schraut
Pants – Steffen Schaut
Top – Steffen Schraut
Flap Bag – Chanel (similar here)
Pumps – Manolo Blahnik (different color here)

Werbung – in cooperation with Steffen Schraut

A tweed beret is the thing to wear on your head right now – I love the French chic of these hats and with this timeless pattern is just beautiful – what a wonderful combination in one piece. For me it is all about the little details, that can bring out so much more in an outfit and that can set their own little see more…


Red Blazer Dress – Pearl and Rubies (similar here and here and here)
Cowboy Boots – Isabel Marant
Boy Bag – Chanel
Sunglasses – Chloé


A red blazer dress is a trendy and timeless piece and I found my personal favorite one in this cool dress from Pearl and Rubies. It has these funky fringes hanging down the arms that make it extra special and so trendy right now. The Cowboy and Western style is really something you shouldn’t miss see more…


Mercedes-Benz Fashion – G500
Coat – Ganni
Sweater – Maje
 Skirt – Isabel Marant
Cowboy Boots – Isabel Marant
Boy Bag – Chanel
Brooch – Chanel (similar here)

Werbung – in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Fashion

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talents is a program that helps to support young design talents from around the world, in order to get started with their career in the huge fashion industry. It is not easy for newcomers to set a step into the door, in order to show the wide audience what they can do. see more…