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Pleated Denim Skirt – Balmain Vintage (similar here)
Tweed Bouclé Jacket – Steffen Schraut
Shirt – H&M (similar here)
Jewellery – Chanel (here, here & here)
High Heel Sandals – Christian Louboutin
Bag – Fendi

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A pleated denim skirt is a very cool and sweet item that you should really consider to have in your personal fashion collection. It’s cool because of the denim material and the pleated design makes it swing really cute around your legs. The one you can see me see more…


Skirt – Self Portrait
Denim Shirt – H&M (similar here)
Bag – Hermès
Heels – Christian Louboutin
Sunglasses – Ray Ban

To be suffering from a Hermès addiction is not the worst complaint you can have going on in your system! I have always been a big fan of the label. Carrying around my mums Kelly bags when I was a little girl was the beginning of this love affair. see more…


Skirt – Zara (similar here)
Pullover – H&M (similar here)
Coat – Stella McCartney (similar here)
Bag – MCM
Boots – Isabel Marant (similar here)
Belt – Dorothee Schumacher
Sunglasses – Celiné

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The lingerie look is a playful and sexy opportunity to show off your precious underwear on the streets once in a while in an elegant way. And I always think it is such a waste, to not be able to see more of the fine pieces that are see more…


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Dress – H&M
Blazer – Zara (similar here)
Handbag – MCM
Belt – Balmain (similar here & here)
Boots – H&M (similar here)
Sunglasses – Le Specs

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A flower dress is something you can practically slip into every day. No matter if it’s in the middle of winter or high summer, it will always look amazing. In wintertime you can wear them with thick tights, boots and a warm see more…


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Red Blazer – Zara (similar here, here & here)
Top – Jadicted
Waist Belt – Hermès
Purse – MCM
Skirt – H&M
Boots – Isabel Marant (similar here)
Cap – Asos (in navy here)

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A red blazer is a great piece in my fashion collection and a wonderful option to a classic black or dark blue model. Blazers in general always look fancy and dressed up – and the great thing is they fit perfectly to elegant and to sporty see more…