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Vinyl Pants – Balmain
Knit Jumper – Allude (round neck here)
Jacket – Ahirain
Bag – Gucci (in sand here)
Heels – Christian Louboutin
Sunglasses – illesteva

WERBUNG – In Collaboration with Apropos

Vinyl pants are the new thing to wear right now – the shiny material looks super chic with the right styling combination. The material looks great in pants, skirts or funky jackets. I love the edgy touch of this trend and how it shines on your body. see more…


Leather Pants – Riani
Knit Jacket – Riani
Oversized Blazer Coat – Riani
Heels – Christian Louboutin
Bag – Chanel (similar here)
Sunglasses – illesteva
Beret – Eugenia Kim

In Collaboration with Riani

Go green is a motto I personally like a lot – first of all I think it is a beautiful color and second of all it stands for hope. And I am also a big fan of nature and of flowers – so you can really tell why this look goes so well for me. Fashion wise it’s great in my opinion to play a lot with colors or to even see more…


Twinning Look –
Blazer Jacket – Airfield
Leather Pants – Current Elliott (similar here)
T-Shirt – Vince
Hat – Chanel (similar here)
High Heels – Christian Louboutin
Sunglasses – Illesteva

WERBUNG – In Collaboration with Airfield

A twinning look is great fun, especially if you can pull it off with a lovely friend, and like we could do it here in my favorite city, in Paris. In this story you can see me with my dear friend Lena Terlutter. We share the love for Paris, see more…