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Empowering women, the slogan of Babor cosmetics, stands for powerful women that know what they want and fight for it. The professional skin care by Babor “Made in Germany” wants to spoil their customers and achieve outstanding results. There is a strong team around the label developing new excellent products constantly, and everyone carries the Babor expertise of skincare research. The company is a traditional family business that sticks to its roots and works for progress, without loosing the philosophy.

I am enjoying Babor treatments in their home spa regularly in Düsseldorf and my bathroom is filled with different products for all the needs of my skin from head to toe. I am very satisfied with every single item and my skin feels relaxed and smooth, and I have this great glow as if I am always returning straight from a summer holiday. For my job and my work on social network platforms it is of course very important to always look at my best. I am one of the empowering women that need powerful skin care. And therefore I need a brand I can trust and this I found in Babor cosmetics.

Every woman is so exceptional and so different in her personality and in her looks. And of course every woman needs an individual treatment – in any situation of her life.

“We are strong. We are beautiful. We are exceptional.” These are the new claims of Babor. They are supporting the idea that women can inspire each other and work together for their goals – empowering women. Life can be hard sometimes, but we should fight and stay positive in our mind and hearts, in order to achieve the best we want for our lives. We have our little secrets and our dreams and we love to share happiness and love. Babor wants to support these ideas by offering beauty products that meet every need of every individual woman and her skin type. They want to support our confident personality and let our skin shine like our personality shines.

To speak for myself, I am also a strong woman, always giving my best and fighting and working for my dreams. With passion and fun I have come so far. I wake up every day feeling so happy about my life and about what I am doing. When I started my blog about 2 years ago I had no idea where my trip would lead me. But I always knew that it’s my passion, so I was sure to achieve my goal. Today I have an amazing amount of followers and I get the most beautiful feedback from everyone. Life is great, also if it’s a lot of work sometimes.

Babor is my perfect companion on my journey, being so busy and travelling so much they found the perfect treatment for my skin. The careful analysation they offer found the best results and the best products for my skin type. My skin is at its best and that’s important as well if you want to feel at your best in the circle of empowering women.

Loves Alex

heart Alex

Alexandra Lapp, empowering women, Babor Cosmetics

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