T-Shirt – Wodka Ogurez (similar here, here & here)
Jeans – Levi’s (in dark blue here)
Shoes – Chanel (similar here & here)
Book – Chanel (similar here, here & here)


Stay at home is the credo that we’re all following these days and as latest figures show we all seem to be very disciplined when it comes to spending most of our time at home. After more than four weeks of staying in I guess that some of you have already reached the point of seeking for some „stay at home look“ advise therefore, I put some suggestions together based on my personal preferences when it comes to home wear.

On some days I love to dress up a little on others I simply long for cozy styles – I guess you can feel me! 😉

An easy and all time favourite of mine is the combination of denim, a t-shirt and flats. It gives me the feeling of being properly dressed whilst still being comfortable and rather casual which is the optimal look for when I stay at home and work. My shirt is from WODKA OGUREZ, denim from LEVI’S, book and ballerinas both from CHANEL.

#StayHome | Alexandra Lapp showing her stay at home looks while staying in . #stayhome #stayingin

Jogging pants – Wodka Ogurez (similar here, here, here, herehere & here)
Pullover – Wodka Ogurez (similar here, here, here,
Shoes – UGG (similar here, here, here & here)

As my for ever fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld would not like to see me spending my days at home in worn out jogging pants I choose stylish lounge wear instead. My pants are from  WODKA OGUREZ same as the jumper and my slippers are from UGGI have to admit that I have recently fallen for wearing plushy slippers when I stay at home. They are so comfortable!

#StayHome | Alexandra Lapp showing her stay at home looks while staying in . #stayhome #stayingin

Bathrobe – Victoria Secret (similar here, here, here, here, here & here)
Hair Products – La Biosthétique

Because routines are of major importance during these weird times I turn my bathroom into a spa once or twice a week and enjoy some me time whilst I stay at home. I love to wear nice bathing ropes as this gives me the head-to-toe spa feeling.

#StayHome | Alexandra Lapp showing her stay at home looks while staying in . #stayhome #stayingin

Pyjama Top – Sensi Studio (similar here, here, here, here & here)
Pyjama Pants – Sensi Studio (similar here, here & here)
Espadrilles –Dior (I also love this one here, here , here & here)

What I discovered for myself during the past days are all over pyjama styles with matching tops and bottoms. I also love to combine them with heels as it turns this casual look into a more dressy one which is not only a good look when you stay at home but even suitable for a little walk. The combination I am wearing on my picture is from SENSI STUDIO and my espadrilles are from DIOR.

#StayHome | Alexandra Lapp showing her stay at home looks while staying in . #stayhome #stayingin

Dress – Alice & Olivia (similar here & here)
Mules – Gucci 
Porcelain – KPM (I also love this, this, this & this)

Some days it is totally fine to crave for a little more than comfortable home wear. For me Easter was such a happening. For my traditional Easter brunch with my closest family was wore a little white dress from Alice & Olivia and combined it with pink GUCCI mules. You can’t imagine how amazing it felt to dress up again!

#StayHome | Alexandra Lapp showing her stay at home looks while staying in . #stayhome #stayingin

Dress – Dior (I also love this maxi dress here, here, here, here & here)
Espadrilles – Dior (I also like these here, here, here & here)
Bracelets – Dior
Belt – Dior
Necklace – Dior

Casual maxi dresses are another alternative to trousers all day every day as they are cosy yet feminine and make you simply feel very well dressed whilst you stay at home. This picture shows an all over DIOR look that I wore during the Easter holidays.

#StayHome | Alexandra Lapp showing her stay at home looks while staying in . #stayhome #stayingin Alexandra_Lapp_#StayHome_Bundesgesundheitsministerium

I hope you can find some inspiration for you stay at home styles within my recommendations and am wishing all of you a lot of strength during these difficult times! Stay strong and healthy and hang in there!

Loves Alex

heart Alex

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