Last week I made a unique journey to Ischia, for the only 5*Luxury Hotel of the island, L’Albergo della Regina Isabella, surrounded by the enchanting Gulf of Naples and discovered the island. My journey to Ischia was perfect organized by the hotel. At 12 p.m. I was flying from

Düsseldorf to Naples airport where a driver was already waiting for me, to bring me to Naples Beverello pier. From there a boat took me to Ischia, where a shuttle from the hotel drove me to my destination – the beautiful L’Albergo della Regina Isabella.

When I arrived, after a long trip, I directly got an amazing chinese acupressure massage, named Tui Na, at „Le Terme della Regina Isabella“ SPA. The spa has also a Sauna, Hammam, indoor thermal pool and a great gym. After this treatment I really felt relaxed and the journey could start..!

Later on at the evening I met the other influencers from Italy, which were like me, part of this great experience. We had an Aperitif at the Bar and later on dinner at one of the 3 restaurants, managed by Michelin-star Executive Chef Pasquale Palamaro. To dine there, with magnificent sea view and delicious traditional Mediterranean dishes, accompanied by the finest wines, was very romantic. Now I can really understand, that this was, in due course, the “place to be” for the island’s international icons from the world of culture, politics and society. L’Albergo della Regina Isabella was the summer home of stars and celebrities like Richard Burton, Liz Taylor, Maria Callas. Many the worldly events that the hotel gather the international jet set, among these, the Ischia Global Film & Music Fest.

The next day we had a guided tour of the Island of Ischia, which is also called the „green island“and saw a lot of beautiful places where I could have stayed the whole day. Later on, after lunch in the hotel, we went to Giardini Poseidon, prestigious thermal park of Ischia, which the healing powers of water, especially when it comes from the hot interior of the earth. The Poseidon Gardens, situated at the foot of the volcano Epomeo, with their beautiful surroundings, supported by sun, sea and ideal climate, offer a perfect opportunity for the thermal treatment. When we got back to the hotel, relaxed and sun kissed, we did a mini food contest with the executive chef Pasquale Palamaro, which was very funny and challenging… unfortunately our team lost.

After that and another delicious evening, the following day we visited the Perrazzo cellar, historical winery of the Island, where, by the way also Coco Chanel was before. To be followed by Archeo-Snorkeling in the bay of Cartaromana.

After another eventful and also impressively day we ended our journey with another Aperitif and the second Summer Dinner at the 1 Michelin star Indaco Restaurant, managed by Executive chef Pasquale Palamaro.

In summary I can say that during these four days the people of the hotel made me really feel home. Ischia and L’Albergo della Regina Isabella is a glamorous destination, full of worldliness, events, and of course gourmet places. Therefore I really recommend this place and island. It is really worth a visit!!

Loves Alex

heart Alex

Albergo della Regina Isabella Albergo della Regina Isabella Albergo della Regina Isabella Alexandra Lapp at Albergo della Regina IsabellaAlbergo della Regina Isabella Albergo della Regina Isabella vista dall'alto Alexandra Lapp at Albergo della Regina Isabella Albergo della Regina Isabella Albergo della Regina Isabella Albergo della Regina Isabella Castello Aragonese - pescatori Albergo della Regina Isabella Albergo della Regina Isabella Albergo della Regina Isabella Albergo della Regina Isabella Albergo della Regina Isabella Poseidon2 Albergo della Regina IsabellaAlexandra Lapp snorkeling Alexandra Lapp at Albergo della Regina Isabella

  • Angie
    Juli 29, 2016

    Next time i’m in!!❤️❤️❤️ Magical!

  • Dan
    Juli 29, 2016

    Gorgeous pictures!!!

  • David Hall
    März 6, 2017

    Alexandra, these photos are beautiful, thanks for sharing.