The Maserati Levante was my exclusive vehicle for a long day during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin and I couldn’t have felt more comfortable, glamorous and safer driving through the big city. Based in Modena, Maserati is known for its high-class car models and the beautiful designs. The new Maserati Levante creates a whole new class of SUVs. It is very elegant on the outside and it offers spacious leather seats and all on-board extras in the inside – everything you are looking for in a luxury car.

The design is sporty and elegant at the same time and for sure it is an eye-catcher on every road it appears. The name Levante comes from a Mediterranean wind – a good association for a car that is ready for any situation on the road. For me it was an extraordinary driving experience with the precise handling and the smooth driving it is exactly what I look for when driving myself. It is actually a car that is made especially for us ladies – sporty, elegant and very strong.

The wonderful Maserati took me to all my meetings and appointments during another exciting day at MBFWB. First we went to the China Club for an event from Thomas Sabo. Later on we drove in style to the Guido Maria Kretschmer fashion show. The event was wonderful and the designer presented beautiful new creations in his personal handwriting – stunning pieces as unique as Guido Maria Kretschmer is.

The last stop of the wonderful day was the GQ Mension Event, where we celebrated the 20th Anniversary of GQ. A great evening after an exciting day, meeting inspiring new people and catching up with friends.

Thanks Maserati for letting me experience your amazing new Maserati Levante and enjoying so comfy and classy journeys through Berlin. It was a great pleasure!

xx Alex

xx Alex
  • Will
    Juli 23, 2017

    That Louboutin heels are gorgeous! Hope there would be some detailed pictures of it!

    • Alex
      Juli 24, 2017

      Hi Will, thank you! You’ll see more detailed pictures of the Louboutin heels in one of my next blog posts 😉