The Collagen Booster Fluid by the beautiful cosmetic label Babor is one of the amazing products I am using frequently for my skin. It is called the “Ampoule Concentrates” and it is a Collagen Booster Fluid with an anti aging effect. I am very satisfied with the results each time. That is no surprise with the philosophy of the traditional company dedicated to beauty, results and quality. The professional skin care “Made in Germany” wants to spoil their customers and achieve outstanding results.

Ampoules are tiny little glass bottles with a serum inside that is specially produced for different skin types. I call them my little magic bottles, because the serum always serves its purpose for any kind of need my skin is in. One day it can be that I need more humidity or another day I need a soothing serum. Babor offers many different kind of ampoules and every single one has a special benefit.

My Collagen Booster Ampoule is specialized on first little wrinkles and for skin that is slowly loosing a bit elasticity – just normal little problems every woman knows. It encourages your skins own collagen production and donates humidity. The result is amazing and by using the ampoule my skin immediately feels lifted and smoothed.

As I said before the range of ampoules is huge and the natural ingredients will help any skin mood. The application is so easy – just use it after cleansing the skin and before applying your day or night cream. For instance try a “Stop Stress Fluid” when you need relaxing serum, for example after you have been wearing a lot of make-up. Or what about the “Promo Fluid Vitality” for an energy boost that stands for a youthful look with high effects. What I like as well is the “Revitalizing Oxygen Fluid” for example to apply after a long flight. It delivers oxygen in no time, a very important substance your skin needs so much. Check out the Babor world and you will find so many different special serums, all offering best results.

Babor is bringing out a limited edition of the “Ampoule Concentrates” Collagen Booster Fluid soon. There will be 5000 ampoules only and the packaging will be decorated with my picture.

I feel honored and think it is a great idea to stand for my favorite product with my face. As you can see I stand a hundred percent behind Babor and their skin care and I am happy to support this beautiful campaign. Go ahead and try the Collagen Booster Fluid “Ampoule Concentrates” – your skin will thank you and you will love the results.

Loves Alex

heart Alex

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