Even Carrie Bradshaw alias Sarah Jessica Parker from the New York cult series „Sex and the City“ would get jealous in front of her wardrobe. High Heels, Pumps, Boots – around 400 pairs in every possible shade from yellow, to blue red and green – Alexandra Lapp has grouped and arranged them neatly color-wise in ceiling-high shelves. The Lifestyle Entrepreneur lives her love for fashion and beauty consistently even in her own home. 

If living is feminine, then Alexandra Lapp is the perfect protagonist.

Looking for her own condo, she found what she was searching for in Düsseldorf. „The object was only in the planning stage then and I could personally determine not only details, but also room arrangement and materials so that everything fitted my style, taste and personality” says Alexandra Lapp. From the black and white marble in the powder room, antique-looking brit-style door handles, light switches and flooring – every detail has been selected carefully by the blogger herself.

A walk-in closet is surely one of the most emotional pieces of interior for fashionistas. In Alexandra’s case, the closet is a bright and airy room with garden view – equipped all over with custom-made wardrobes.

She seems to love built-in closets in general – in her condo you can find them in the hallway, the dining area, master bathroom, the kitchen and, naturally, in the bed room – all of them designed with niches, open shelves, benches, mirrors, light-installations, and so on and so forth. Following the motto ‚Fashion is beautiful, that’s why it needs to be stored beautifully.‘ the certified graphic designer and former model has created clever furniture for her designer pieces.  Fashion and accessories including Hermès and Chanel classics are tidily organized and perfectly prepared for being matched and worn.

Alexandra Lapp has always had a faible for fashion, shoes and beauty. „That runs in our family“, she reveals. „My mother’s father was a couture tailor. My great grandfather and grandfather on my father’s side were shoemaker- and shoe retailer, and my father owned an important shoe import and export business.“ As little girl Alexandra Lapp had already nurtured her love for shoes and bought regularly new styles with her pocket money. „Instead of a pair of no names, I preferred buying branded ones on sale“, she says. And luckily today her job brings her together with brands like Christian Louboutin, Dior Beauty, Roger Vivier, IWC and lots of other fantastic brands of different areas.

Since she started her career as entrepreneur, four years ago, the blogger and influencer from Düssedorf has been highly successful, launched a collection designed in cooperation with Lana Mueller and employs two employees. And all that even though her blog has been born out of a temper. „When I moved into my new flat, I created outfits in my closets and documented them with my camera. My sister Isabel then had the idea of starting the blog“, she explains. In short time she has reached over a quarter of a million followers that are growing continuously.

Given her frequent business travels, a comfortable retreat is essential. At home she can relax and regain new strength. Details are important; the old Chinese engravings, her father collected (he died when Alexandra was 8 years old). Or the antique hearthstone from her parental home, which now decorates the old Belgian fireplace in her living room, are important souvenirs. Or the black painted carbon surfboard with the unmistakable Chanel CC logo. Does she surf? „No, only the internet” she says laughing. Although she always wanted to own such a surfboard. When she was invited by Chanel Beauty for the product launch of a new fragrance, Alexandra asked at this very special place, the Chanel boutique at the Croisette and “In fact they had one hidden in the basement.”

The businesswoman expresses her love for colors in the choice of her wardrobe. In her own home she prefers muted tones. Off-white and white are the dominant tones for big surfaces. “I like to set some highlights with pictures, flowers and decoration elements”, she stresses. The custom designed velvet sofa in petrol color is contrasted by two anthracite-off-white striped Meridiani chairs. The dining furniture consists of light chairs, positioned around a round glass table from the designer Jeff Miller. In the living room the wall is dominated by the art-light installation “Should” by Street Artist Peintre X. The colorful butterflies in the glass dome are a souvenirs from the Parisian Marché aux Puces at the Porte de Clignancourt.

It’s the relaxed mixture of glamour and luxury, that Alexandra Lapp creates skillfully: Statement furniture like the steel blue bed with the stitched headboard or the upholstered bench beneath the Kellogg’s picture of the Finnish artist Jani Leinonen in the kitchen. Here she works and cooks. “I’m lucky to have a partner who loves to cook. I often prefer a cozy dinner at home over going to a restaurant” she says.

In the hall there are two Louis Vuitton Commodes of the 1930s and an antique black console table with curved legs from Paris and there’s a Zettel’z chandelier lamp from Ingo Maurer and the Multiple “Self Pity” by Louise Bourgeois. That’s one of her favorites: “I love the quote. It reminds me constantly, that you have to take life in your own hands.”

Loves Alex

heart Alex

Translated from the article of the magazine „KÖNIGSALLEE“, No. 2 |2019
Original Text: Dagmar Haas-Pilwat
Fotos: Franz Schuier Welcome to Lapp-Land: Alexandra Lapp in her home in Düsseldorf Welcome to Lapp-Land: Alexandra Lapp in her home in DüsseldorfWelcome to Lapp-Land: Alexandra Lapp in her home in DüsseldorfWelcome to Lapp-Land: Alexandra Lapp in her home in Düsseldorf Welcome to Lapp-Land: Alexandra Lapp in her home in Düsseldorf Welcome to Lapp-Land: Alexandra Lapp in her home in Düsseldorf

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